Must-Do’s For A Successful Social Media Campaign

Social media has become one of the best marketing tools for both start-up companies and expanding enterprises. Taking advantage of social media is a way to boost your brand’s SEO (search engine optimization) while also maximizing your online reach with a specific target audience and demographics. Implementing the right tactics for a successful social media campaign begins with an understanding of what not to do in order to reap the benefits of social media marketing.

Why General Marketing Does Not Work

Launching a social media campaign to a wide audience is one of the biggest mistakes marketers make. Casting a wide net with campaigns is risky, especially if you have a set budget for marketing and advertising set aside. General marketing is costly and can leave you feeling as if your product or service is simply not wanted or needed. When your campaign is shared with all users on social media platforms, it is much more likely to see lower click-through and conversion rates as not all individuals are going to have a use for your business.

Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Learn more about the most common mistakes made with social media marketing campaigns to avoid falling into pitfalls and traps that are financially devastating and discouraging. Some of the top common mistakes made in social media marketing include:

  • Generalized marketing which is costly and ineffective.
  • Going extended periods of time without updating followers or posting new, engaging, and useful content to those who have a genuine interest in your business and brand.
  • Avoidance of engaging with followers and customers. Avoiding answering questions and responding to comments and inquiries.
  • Not clearly defining an audience and instead, attempting to appeal to all users on social media.
  • Lack of branding.
  • No official website or authentic eCommerce website to purchase goods and services.
  • No photos or videos of products and services that are being promoted.
  • Lack of contact information (phone number, email address, and official website) available on official social media pages and website.
  • Irrelevant photography and graphics used to promote or display products and services that are most relevant to your target audience.
  • Poor customer service/responses. Avoid posting snarky comments or derogatory updates regarding a customer or follower, even if they are harassing or bothering you. Instead, respond professionally and succinctly to show you are a business that takes customer service seriously to others who follow you.

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Best Practices for a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign


Proper branding is essential for a new business and its online presence. Professional graphics, photography, and a logo that resonates with your audience is a must. Branding helps users recognize and trust your brand with repeated exposure to advertisements and social campaigns. Work together with a professional designer or illustrator to create a logo and overall aesthetic for your brand. The right branding helps set any business apart, even in the most competitive markets.

Define a Need for Your Product or Service

Define the need for your products or the service you provide. Who is most likely to purchase your product and why? How does your product or service impact and influence the lives of those who use it? What methods does your product or service thrive in most? Conduct market research to learn more about the value of your product and its current demand with the target audience you want to reach.

Appealing Landing Page

Create appealing landing pages for social media campaigns you launch. A landing page is a singular webpage that is linked to from individual campaign ads you run. Landing pages help drive a sale home or inform users of a product or service’s use within seconds. Use multiple landing pages to track the overall effectiveness of your CTA (call to action) and the engagement of each of your ads. Landing pages should be well-designed, branded, and responsive for all devices including mobile browsers (both iOS and Android).

Marketing to Your Target Audience and Their Location

Rather than generalized marketing, create campaigns that are meant for the specific target market and demographic you want to reach. When launching campaigns using social media, choose the location of your audience (based on market research), as well as the age range, gender, and even specific interests your prospective customers are likely to have. The more specific a campaign, the easier it becomes to test which types of advertisements and marketing tactics work best for your business model.

Monitor Campaign Results and Analytics

Spend time monitoring campaign results and analytics you receive from each advertisement you create. A/B testing is extremely valuable with social media marketing and provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the best method of communication to reach your intended audience. Use A/B testing to implement various photographs, graphics, and headlines to see what works best for you and which campaigns drive more clicks and ultimately, revenue. Reassess each ad you launch after a campaign is complete to reconfigure future advertisements for even better results.

Video Marketing

Take advantage of video marketing with social media. Video marketing drastically increases engagement while also boosting your professional reputation online. When you are first establishing your online presence, using professional videos and animated media help to solidify your place in any market or industry. Video marketing is one of the best ways to convey a message or to promote a product and service in less time. With thousands of ads being shown to users daily, create an eye-catching video that is sure to stop them in their tracks.

Repost Content That Works

Keep track of all of your ad campaigns and your most popular content. Repost content that works in the form of a social media ad or by rewording the blog post and title itself. Remain actively engaged with your social media account by consistently sharing updates and new content with a set schedule.

Create Engaging Content

Sharing content that is engaging and relevant to your followers is one of the best ways to boost the number of likes and shares you receive. Likes and shares are equal to free advertisement and help boost the interest of others who want to learn more about your business. Ask your followers questions, opinions, and share funny images that resonate with your users. Host contests and giveaways which require your followers to like and share your post to qualify while also promoting your products in the promotion.

Communication and Engagement

While social media campaigns have the ability to excel on their own, engaging with your followers and prospective customers is a must. Answer questions and respond to comments left on campaign ads you launch along with posts and updates you share using your official social media pages. Showcasing transparency and responding to those who want to know more is a way to gain and build trust from others who are unfamiliar with your business and brand. Proper customer service is one of the quickest ways to build a good rapport with your target audience while increasing revenue and brand loyalty.

With the right preparation, launch social media campaigns that encourage engagement while providing you with more opportunity to gain followers and new customers. When you have a clear understanding of your audience and how to communicate with them, create effective social media campaigns that resonate with your audience and increase ROI and revenue.

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